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BWEV™ - Smart Bottle (no app required) that encourages you to drink more water. RSS

Pre-orders done > Official online store launched

Pre-orders finished > Official store launched July 15, 2021We are currently in a period ofPRE-ORDERS (English only): Until June 29, 2021, 11:59 p.m.--How it works?Indiegogo is a transactional crowdfunding platform that allows at projects, products or ideas in development, to see the light of day and be marketed by contributions from the public at advance on the product or service at come. In short, a pre-order.By a determined amount, the contributors receive a reward in return (the so-called product or service). Which also contributes at to help the project at see the light of day by this financing in advance.In our case, we are talking about a pre-order promotion:1 BWEV™ for $65.00 + taxes (Quebec), shipping extra. Regular price $90.00 + tax. Bottles will ship for late June, early...


They talk about us !

François CHARRON - column on BWEV ™, March 29, 2021.O103.5fm : Interview with the Founder & CEO of BWEV ™ (Eric BOLDUC), March 31, 2021.Releases of April 13, 2021: - Newswire ;- Le Carrefour newspaper (Quebec);- 103.7fm (Acton Vale);- The Advertiser.ca.Publication of April 28, 2021:- Awakening Journal, (St-Eustache / Mirabel)